dragheThe Italian dredger manufacturer ITALDRAGHE SpA first started producing cutter suction dredgers back in the 1950s.

Over the last half a century, thanks to technological advances and its extensive Worldwide experience (in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America) Italy’s leading dredger builder has expanded considerably.

Today ITALDRAGHE’s ever-growing dredging equipment range includes cutter suction dredgers, booster stations, pontoons, dredging pumps and excavator dredging attachments.

In addition to standard and custom-built dredgers, ITALDRAGHE SpA also manufactures  and supplies a wide selection of dredger  components to independent dredger builders who are looking for quality products to incorporate into locally-built vessels. Such components include dredge pumps, cutter heads, complete power packs, winches, spud systems and operating consoles.

Furthermore, ITALDRAGHE SpA also manufactures its own range of deck and well-mounted rudder propellers and bow thrusters with trim, immersion and rotation options in both mechanical and hydraulic versions.

With its own dedicated after-sales and service centre located in India (Goa), ITALDRAGHE SpA is able to provide prompt and professional assistance in-loco.